Update Existing Shower Frame

Is a room ever completely done ? I feel like the answer is always no. There will always be something you want to change or adjust to continue making it feel like your own. In my case it was our shower frame that needed to be changed. We loved how the bathroom turned out but that gold just wasn’t working in there anymore. One dat my husband said why don’t you paint the shower frame so I stopped procrastinating and went to work the next day. Alas, the project is complete and here is how I did it.

Prep, prep, prep. You will hear every DIYer tell you that prep is key to a good DIY job. I spent what felt like days taping but once it came time to actually spray paint it made it worth it. I first started by placing tape along where the glass and gold frame meet and I overlapped it slightly because there is a piece of rubber that seals the glass in and it creates a tiny channel that you can run a sharp knife along it to get a clean cut. You’ll need to tape the entire frame on the inside and outside of your shower frame. After you have completed the taping then you neeed to cover the glass with plastic sheets and tape that down as well. As you spray paint the plastic will blow up from the air so it needs to be sealed all the way around. I created a small painting room by taping sheets of plastic t the ceiling and letting it hang down. Now this worked but I wish I had encompassed our bathroom windows in my plastic spray room to allow more ventilation.

Once you have completed taping and covering all floor surfaces it is time to spray paint. I highly recommend wearing a face mask for spray painting, epecially indoors. This is the one I use and have had for 9 years now and works fantastic. First use a car primer that is made for metal surfaces. You can purchase these in the spray paint aisle and it will specifically say for cars. I did 2 coats of car primer on all my metal surfaces. After that has dried you can use whatever spray paint color you like but make sure it is made for metal, as well. The color I went with was farmhouse black and apparently is quite popular because we had to go to multiple store to be able to get enough. I needed 4 cans of spray paint to cover both the inside and outside of my shower frame. 

Spray paint room
Not only is this an awesome respirator but it’s also super attractive !

After you’re done spraying you can peel off your tape. I like to peel at a 45* angle. Now inevitably you’ll probably have a few spots that spray paint got through your plastic and it is easy to clean off. Get some pure acetone, which can be purchased at Target, Walmart or any pharmacy and just put some on a cotton ball and wipe away whatever paint got onto your surface. And then your done ! 
Total this took about 2 days and only because I got sick of taping and wanted a break from that- 6 hours of taping for 15 min worth of spray painting but worth it!

What a difference a few hours of work and 20 minutes can do !

Bathroom Redo

When we bought our house a little over a year ago I couldn’t wait to come in and make it my own and bring it more up to date. Then reality set it and you realize remodels are super expensive and well I value my vacations more than a house renovation, so I wanted to design each of the spaces in the houses with some diy and simple updates that make a big impact. If you have a good base such as no broken tiles on the floor or plumbing leaks or something that would actually require demo and not just a face lift then all of these ideas can work for you.

My first job was to tackle all the bathrooms in the house. Small space but big impact. I started with our master bathroom because I couldn’t take the greyish brown paint and the oddly stained tile floors. I knew I wanted a spa like bathroom with blue/grey paint and so I started on pinterest for inspiration. I found this gorgeous bathroom and knew that was what I wanted. Now I’d love to have high end fixtures but I wanted something for under $1000 for my entire master bathroom and I made it work !Now this isn’t to say I don’t splurge on design at times but you have to pick and choose what is worth the money and what is worth a copycat of that item.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Took down the very large builder grade mirror and the light fixtures and painted the bathroom Solitude by Benjamin Moore and had it color matched at Lowes. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and need to find more spaces in my house to put it. $45
  • Two round mirrors above sink
  • Replaced the light fixtures
  • Replace faucets with polished nickel ones
  • New towel fixtures in a polished nickel finish
  • Add peel and stick tile above countertops

Untitled design (1)

Light Fixture    Peel and Stick Tile   Black Round Mirror  Faucet  Towel Bar  Toilet Paper  Towel Ring

Once this was done I knew I couldn’t stand to see the floors the way they were and that’s when I started researching tile stickers and came across this tutorial by Mysha at Remington Avenue and knew I had to try it on my bathroom floors. The stencil I picked was from cutting edge stencil and I just went with a basic black and white paint color. Honestly, I don’t think they could have turned out any better. I loved it so much I ended up painting our other two bathrooms, as well. Now I will say this is about a week or 2 project to paint your floors. I usually would start working on them about 9pm after the kids went to bed and stopped around midnight or later. So, it can be done quicker but i was okay with 2 weeks without my bathroom.

After repainting the floors is when i decided to add in the peel and stick tile. I had seen it at Home Depot and was worried it’d look cheap but I was completely wrong.

For this being my first room transformation I think I’m off to a good start.

If you love before and after pictures as much as I do then here you go:

master bath beofremaster 2 bafeofre2019-10-23 15.43.582019-10-23 15.43.462019-10-23 15.42.5220200229_1009222020-02-29 10.08.54

Next post: Spray painting the shower frame !


A couple weeks ago we spent 5 days along highway 30A in Watersound, Fl and it was beyond gorgeous there. We’re not huge fans of the beach but I had heard amazing things from other people that have vacationed along 30A and raved about the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches so, I figured it was worth taking a trip to.

We stayed in a condo in Santa Rosa, which was conveniently located in the middle of all the small towns. We could drive a few miles in either direction and check out the other towns along 30a. Across the street from the condo was The Hub and it was perfect place to do a little shopping, grab dinner or lunch and they had a great green space in the middle for the kids to run around, as well as, a jumbo tron that they played sports on and did movie nights throughout the week. It was so convenient to be able to go across the street and grab a drink while the kids ran around and burned off some energy.

A big selling point to me renting our condo was the fact that it came with a 6 person street legal golf cart. For 4 of the 5 days we mainly took the golf cart everywhere. I’m pretty sure if we only drove the golf cart our entire trip and did nothing else the kids would’ve been more than happy. They kept calling it the ‘fast car’ (it went 23mph, haha). So, we took the ‘fast car’ whenever we could. Another plus was the community we stayed in also had a beautiful heated pool with plenty of chairs and tables, gym and bathrooms accessible from the pool.


Here’s how we spent our trip:

Day 1

The first day we drove into Seaside and ate lunch at Airtream Row. It’s on Main Street and it has a variety of restaurants set up in airstreams. A couple kids enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches from The Meltdown and we devoured a delicious plate of BBQ from Barefoot BBQ the oldest enjoyed a yummy corn dog she had to have but only ate the hot dog part-go figure. The up side is the kids meal came with a frisbee that was used quite a bit while on the beach. Right behind the Airstreams is a huge green space and Amphitheatre for the kids to run around and play. Also, if you’re a fan of The Truman Show you’ll quickly realize this is where the movie was filmed. Within in the shops is Modica’s Market where Truman’s friend, Marlon, is filmed stocking the vending machine and 3 or 4 streets down from the town center is Natchez street and you can find the Truman house. I love being touristy so i had to jump out and get a picture in front of it. My husband felt more cheesy doing it but he got one anyways.



The rest of the day was spent checking into our condo, unpacking and spending a few hours at the pool. For dinner we drove (in the golf cart) across the street to The Hub for dinner. It’s set up as small restaurants that you go in and order your food then find a table out near the lawn or in the covered patio. The had a variety or restaurants to pick from and they also had a little bar that had amazing margaritas. We grabbed ur food and couple drinks and sat around while the kids ran around and played in the lawn wit a bunch of other kids. It’s super family friendly and has a Jumbotron that throughout the week they play games on and have movie nights. Seriously i don’t think wee could have asked for a better location to stay.

Day 2

It was time to head out to the beach ! We started the morning at Cowgirl Kitchen. Small restaurant that was delicious and quick and not too expensive. Then we headed to Santa Clara Beach. This beach access has parking and clean restrooms plus a shower to spray off the sand. I was not expecting such a beautiful and clean beach. It was beyond beautiful ! While we were there we met another family that was staying in our condo community and the kids had so much fun playing together. That’s a huge win when your kids find other kids to play with and mom and dad can rest a little. 🙂 There were no shells or rocks and the water was crystal clear and fairly calm for the kids to be able to get into and not feel too worried about them. We had such a great morning building sandcastles and just floating around the water. October was the perfect time to be here. It wasn’t too crowded and the water was still quite warm. After about 4 hours at the beach we were ready to go back and rest. The morning is definitely the best time to be there. It’s not too hot and not a lot of people and by 1 or so is when everyone started showing up and it was time for us to leave to go relax at the house.

That night we were still too tired from the beach so we ordered takeout from Brunos pizza and spent the rest of the evening swimming in the pool.



Day 3

Another beautiful morning at Santa Clara Beach ! We met up with the same family and enjoyed building castles and relaxing in the water. This morning there was no seaweed so you could easily go out 30ish feet before seeing any seaweed. I had read there are times when the seaweed can be really bad but while we were there it was very mild. It would be clear and then maybe about 10 to 15 feet of seaweed then back to clear water as you were swimming out. That afternoon we went for a joy ride in the golf cart and i quickly realized I need to figure out how and where I would drive a golf cart back home because everywhere we went the kids begged to go in the golf cart and so we did. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and then spending a couple hours at the pool before getting ready for our sunset dinner.

I had heard that Fish Out of Water was the place to go for sunsets and it did not disappoint. We got there about 6 (sunset at 640) and the patio was already filled ! Rookies over here and well 3 kids. Luckily they have a bar outside that is first come first serve and we were able to get a seat for all 5 of us and we were able to watch a beautiful sunset. So, if you want a table be sure to get there at least an hour or more before sunset.  The food was delicious, the service was great, it was kid friendly and the best part- you get to watch the gorgeous sunset over the Gulf. Highly recommend coming here whether it be for dinner or just some drinks on the patio.



Day 4

During our trip we wanted to try out as many of the donut shops as we could and we found our favorite-Charlie’s Donut Truck ! We went to Alys Beach where their food truck is set up and grabbed 4 different flavors: Pumpkin (a must during fall), chocolate frosted with sprinkles, red velvet and glazed and they were the best donuts out of the 3 places we tried. They are only open til noon or when they run out so be sure to get there early. If you go to the location at Alys Beach there is a splash pad with some shaded sitting and a huge green space. Perfect place for the kids to run around in while you enjoy a morning donut and coffee. Our kids at first thought the splash pad was too small and then spent 2 hours running around- WIN ! When we were done we drove around Alys beach and the houses and neighborhood was so so beautiful. I’m not a fan of white, I need color, but this neighborhood may have changed my mind. The black and white with all the greenery was just so pretty.  After all our ooohing and ahhing it was time for the beach. We grabbed all our beach stuff and drove to Deer Park to spend a couple hours at the beach. Make sure you bring some cash with you as it is i think 3$ and it just goes by the honor system-stick your money in an envelope and put the tag in your dash.

The beach was beautiful and again no seaweed this day and very few people there for being a Sunday afternoon. Since we got there in the afternoon the water was a bit more choppy but my oldest daughter (7) enjoyed jumping the waves with her dad. The nice side is there are so many sandbars along the beaches that even where they were jumping waves it was only about 3.5 feet deep and sand bars farther out would slow the waves down so it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as our North Carolina beaches. The one down side to this beach is the bathrooms are back at the parking lot and when you have 3 kids that have to go NOW then a 5 minute walk feels like an eternity. And I’m not talking about going pee…you will ALWAYS have that one kids that needs to go number 2 and its an emergency. Ahh the joys of parenting.

That evening we did the pool for a few hours before eating a late dinner. I had been craving some sushi so the hubs went and got take out from the Florida Fish house and then I wished we had ate there. He said it had a lawn for the kids to run around in as well as some games and a great patio to eat on. The sushi we ordered was so so good and had a huge selection to pick from and so if you’re having a seafood craving definitely go check this place out.



The next morning it was time to leave and go back to reality. We were not ready to leave. This is definitely where you go to relax and slow life down and enjoy spending time with family or friends. I’m never one to want to go back to the same place for vacations but this is the exception. The kids loved it here, we loved it here. The environment was safe and so family friendly. There was more than enough to see and do and we didn’t even scratch the surface.

“In case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon. good evening, and good night!”-Truman Burbank


My Love of Travel

My Love of Travel

My love definitely started as kid. My mom was a SAHM and almost every weekend she was ready to take us out somewhere. She would check the newspaper for events happening or just look up parks near and far to take us to. We always had so much fun and the only thing I remember hating was having to take the interstate everywhere, haha. I would ask “ do we have to take the interstate to get there ? “ and like most moms who’s kid asks a question like this, she lied and said “no” and then, of course, we would take the interstate. I always loved being able to go anywhere on a whim and as a kid I didn’t care if the place ended up being a bust because there’s no such thing as that when you’re a kid. Everything seems new and exciting and you’re just along for the adventure.

When I got married we knew we wanted kids fairly soon and we both agreed that having kids wouldn’t stop us from traveling. When we had our first kid we would tell people we were traveling with them and they would always be in shock because the thought of traveling with kids just sounded like a nightmare to them.

All of our travels with the kids have been great, whether it has been with one or three. Now don’t get me wrong we’ve had our fair share of sheer terror on airplanes and meltdowns while sightseeing but it’s not any different than us being at home and being out and about.  Kids are kids and people are people. We all have meltdowns. Thank goodness the kids usually don’t last long. Once we get through them, we always go back to enjoying our day. I’m here to help you out along the way and get rid of that fear of traveling with your kids. Don’t look at it as a burden or a giant stress that you, your spouse or your kid can’t handle. Our kids love traveling so much, as soon as they get off the plane they’re asking when we will be back on one again. So, whether you want to drive a few hours away or take a plane ride across the ocean- You can do it! It’s fun and exciting and I love being able to make memories with my kids and I know you will too. So, follow along as I help you navigate traveling with kids or take away some ideas for your next trip alone or with some friends. No matter what your travel looks like I hope you can enjoy my blog! Also, throwing it way back to our first vacation together- 9 years ago on our honeymoon to Bonaire.

Ireland Part 2

Ireland Part 2

Day 2 Cont.

Killarney…ahhh this place was absolutely amazing and 3 days just wasn’t enough time here.

We got to Killarney around late afternoon and decided the kids had had enough so we decided to check into our AirBnB and rest a little before it was time for dinner. Our BnB was in the most perfect location right off the main street in downtown Killarney. We didn’t need to use our van to get to any of the attractions in Killarney. I try and exclusively stay in AirBnb’s when traveling since there’s 5 of us and it usually ends up being cheaper or the same price as staying in a hotel and now we get to stay up later then the kids and not try and tiptoe around while they’re trying to sleep.

The first night we actually just relaxed and ordered takeout (very uneventful but much needed rest). I wanted to be sure everyone was ready for our full day the following day.

Day 3

The next morning I had reserved a jaunting car ride to Ross castle and a tour through Killarney National Park. We were able to walk to the hotel where the carriage was waiting for us and there was enough room to store our stroller in the carriage in case we needed it. I love that each cart is rented per family or group so you really get to enjoy a personalized experience. It was the most beautiful day and our tour guide was so informative and knew so much history about the town and park and Ireland in general. The kids loved being in a horse drawn carriage and wanted to spend the whole day trotting around. We went through the park and took a short break at Ross castle and we were able to walk the ground and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake. Once we were done we continued through the park and returned back in the center of town where each of the kids were able to feed the horse-highlight of their day!

Side story- The evening we left for Ireland our 5 yr old daughter lost her first tooth so we decided to go visit the tooth fairies house while in Ireland. So, after we were done with the carriage ride we drove down to the coast to a Fairy trail where the tooth fairy lives. My kids were beyond excited for this. There’s about 10-12 fairy houses hidden amongst the trail and it was so magical for their little hearts. It’s a nice short trail along a lake that around every corner you’ll find a couple houses hiding in the forest. If you have little kids then it’s a great way to spend the afternoon.

That night we ate at Danny Mann’s, a pub around the corner from our apartment. It was probably our best meal we had so far in Ireland. My husband got the braised lamp shank and I, of course, got more stew and it was so so good! If you love hearty meals then you will never be disappointed going out to eat in Ireland.

Day 4

The following day we rented bikes with trailers for the kids because way too far for kids to be riding bikes and decided we would ride to Muckross House. It was supposed to 3.5 miles  one way but what fun would it be if you didn’t take a wrong turn and have to ride an extra 2 miles to get back on track? It was the most stunning day out and I mistakingly didn’t pack any shorts because I figured were going to Ireland and we’ll need pants, rain boots and jackets…ummm no. We ended up trying to buy everyone shorts while we were in Killarney because we were so hot. Ok, done with my rant. Anyways, we rode through Killarney National Park to get there and with the mountains and lakes it reminded us so much of the valley floor in Yosemite. It was absolutely AMAZING ! I had to stop so many times so I could get pictures of the beautiful scenery. The nice part about this park is it’s mostly trails so no worries about car traffic. You occasionally had to move for a horse and carriage but I’ll take that over cars. On our way to Muckross House we stopped at Muckross Abbey, which the kids loved exploring all the rooms and up and down all the stairs and there is just a maze of grave stones on the grounds. Once we were done exploring we continued a short way down to the House. You can actually drive to the house and park if you’re not up to walking or riding a bike here. The house has a great guided tour throughout the house and then once you’re done they also have a local art and gift shop and a café with beautiful seating in a lushish garden.

We tried to do the farm after we were done with our house tour and lunch and exploring more gardens but the kids had hit their limit  and we were in meltdown city, so it was time to go ! We packed up and rode a little further to Torc waterfall and that put the kids over the top so, I got a quick picture and we were out. They didn’t realize how good they had it being able to just ride in a trailer and eat food the whole time. Life is tough as a toddler. Thankfully all 3 fell asleep riding back so we got back to much happier kids. And for mom and dad it was a good workout pulling kids for a 12 mile bike ride so now it was time for us to have a rest.

That night we ate at Quinlan’s Seafood Bar and it was worth the wait. I love a good fish and chips and this one wasn’t to be missed! The line was out the door but we only had to wait for maybe 30ish minutes…that I can handle with 3 hungry kids. And love that every pub in Europe has malt vinegar. I can’t eat fries or fried fish without it first being doused in malt vinegar…that you can thank my Grandma who was born and raised in England and taught me well. After dinner we got some ice cream at another well know restaurant, Murphys. An ice cream shop that makes fresh ice cream sourced locally. Nothing can beat fresh ice cream.

day 5

The next morning we did the scenic drive on Dingle Peninsula. We took most of the day to do this as we wanted to make as many stops as we could along the drive. We spent some time at Inch beach and enjoyed the views and the kids were entertained climbing all over the rocks. We used this guide for the drive because it’s so detailed and you can preplan where you want to stop along the way. We did the sheep feeding, which was a big hit for both the adults and kids and I think it was only 1 or 2 dollars for each bag of food. We also did the beehive hut, stopped a million times to take pictures and went inside Gallarus Oratory, which is a tiny church thought to have been built in the 11th or 12th century and looks like an upside down boat. You can spend as little or as much time on this drive. And if you don’t want to stop anywhere you can enjoy the expansive views from every direction.

That night we stayed in Limerick and went out to dinner to Butter while we were there. This was the only place on our entire trip that gave us the stink eye because we had kids and was the worst service possible. Food was very good but service is the other half and that was lacking.

Day 6

The next morning we went to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. This was so much fun and we all enjoyed it. It has a castle to tour and they have about 15 or so houses rebuilt to represent traditional Irish life. Half of the houses were also interactive and in the middle was a couple houses with a café and traditional Irish desserts and bread being made for an afternoon snack.  The other half has a “main st” with a great little restaurant on it. Behind main st was a beautiful fairy garden with tunnels and hidden paths sitting next to beautiful pond and on the other side was a huge playground for the kids to run around in. This place was amazing whether you have kids or not.

After we were done at the park we drove on to Lahinch, it’s a small town but known for its great surfing. We were surprised at how many people were actually in the water. It was a busy beach but very clean and nice to walk along and they had nice playground right next to it.

Day 7

The next day we went to the Cliffs of Moher and it was what I was most looking forward to. My favorite move is The Princess Bride and so I was so excited to go the “Cliffs of Insanity”. It was so much more than I expected. The views were absolutely breathtaking! It was a gorgeous sunny day and even with lots of people there you could still get a good view from every angle. And there’s even a tower you can climb up to get a perfect 360* view. I could’ve stayed here all day but we had a 2.5 hr drive to Dublin and a surprise waiting for my husband.

Back story -about 4 months before we were leaving to go to Ireland I sent a message to one of my husbands friends who lives in Germany and asked if him and his gf could come to Dublin for a couple days and surprise my husband. They were totally on board and we couldn’t wait to surprise my husband. Keeping a secret for four months is so hard !

We showed up in Dublin and checked into our AirBnB and on the bottom floor there was a bakery that I told my husband and kids we were going to go pick out a cake for my daughter’s birthday, which was that day. We got there and our friends back was to us and so we moved around the dessert case and then he popped up and turned around to my husband and he was completely SHOCKED ! It was the best surprise EVER!! We got our dessert and sat down and caught up for the past few years. The rest of the evening we spent walking around ST. Stephens Green. It has ponds, a playground, beautiful fountains and courtyards and so much green space to run around and play.

Day 8

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a local café and then I did a little shopping. Each place we go on vacation we always grab a Christmas ornament and if there is something that the country or town is known for we try and buy something. Ireland is known for Waterford crystal, Whiskey, Guinness and Avoca. So, I decided to splurge on an Avoca Throw. It seriously is the softest blanket ever and no kids are allowed to use it. It’s just for me…and if you have kids you know there are very FEW things you get to claim as a don’t touch item.  The rest of the day was spent going to see The Book of Kells at Trinity College. Very crowded even for a Tuesday afternoon but if you like history then it’s worth the trip. Next, I had heard there was a hotel that was known for cronuts a couple miles away so we decided we’d walk there to try one out. We joked on the way there how funny it would be if they were out and we ended up jinxing ourselves. The detail I missed was you need to order in advance and the chef will make them for the following day…whomp whomp. Thankfully across the courtyard was a nice park and a grocery store that had a specialty donut shop inside, YAY! and so we got our donut afterall.

We only had 24 hrs with our friends but we definitely made the most of it! They had to leave that evening but we still had a few more days in Ireland and more to see.

That evening we ate at an Italian restaurant, Toscana, around the corner from our apartment and it was by the far the best food I’ve ever had! The ingredients are always fresh and locally sourced from their family farm. And oh my gosh so good! It was very reasonably priced and I’ll be dreaming about this place for a long time!

Day 9

The next morning we got up and walked to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour. I was pleasantly surprised at how kid friendly the factory was. I think we were here for a good 3 or so hours but you could definitely be here for most of the day. It has lights and waterfalls and so many sensory items. It was unbelievably well done. And to top it off you get drink tickets (kids too!) for a drink at the top in the 360* view bar. In the bar each pane of glass in the bar had the buildings labeled and a short history about it as you looked out each window. Very well done, Guinness.

That afternoon my cousin and his wife came over from England to spend a couple days with us. We enjoyed catching up and doing some site seeing around town with them. The first evening we spent catching up and going out for a long nice dinner (always nice to have extra helpers at meal time).

Day 10

The following day we drove out to Powerscourt Estate. It was listed as number 3 of the most beautiful gardens by national geographic. It was modeled after an Italian villa and my kid self would hate me for wanting to go see gardens but it was so beautiful. The day we went it was the most obnoxiously windy day and sand, dirt and water from the fountain was blowing in our eyes and the only relief we got was going to the Japanese Sunken Gardens. We spent a good majority of our time in there as it was calm and quite peaceful. When we were ready to brave the wind we walked back to the main house as quickly as possible and did a tour upstairs of old dollhouses. I know it sounds strange but it was quite nice and had some famous peoples doll houses and the lady there knew so much history. Bonus, they had a kids room where the kids could color and play and not be bored by all the adult talk.

You can’t actually tour the estate, womp womp, but they have some shops, an ice cream shop and a café with a variety of lunch and dessert items. And when it’s not blowing you away outside you can sit out on the terrace and overlook the grounds.

That evening was our last night in Dublin so we went and got dinner at a local pub and enjoyed the rest of our evening spending time with family.

Day 11

We flew out the next day and the best part about flying out of Dublin is you get to do US customs in Dublin. It was amazing ! We only had an hour layover in Chicago and thought no way could we do customs w 3 kids and make our flight in time but you don’t have to worry about that. It was quick and painless and so much easier than trying to get your luggage at your layover and waiting in line forever and then rechecking them. Now just need more European cities to adopt this.

This trip was absolutely amazing.  Ireland by far has been one the most beautiful countries with all its rolling hills, mountains, ocean…it has it all. As a bonus for going in June is that it doesn’t get dark til about 1030 at night and we were able to stay out and play for so long at all the parks around the country. It was fantastic! On the flip side…the sun rises at around 430 or 5 so make sure you’re staying somewhere with black out shades

I think the only negative if I had to find one is Ireland has the tiniest country roads ever created and next to those tiny roads are bushes that have hidden rock walls inside of them. There were lots of gasps and WATCH OUTs! yelled at my husband. As you can imagine he loved driving on the opposite side of the road and have me scaring him at every turn. Hunny, you’re welcome.

Without question I would go back to Ireland in a heart beat. Our kids did great with the time change and I made sure to plan plenty of downtime as to not wear all of us out and it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Now to start searching for more cheap European flights.