Update Existing Shower Frame

Is a room ever completely done ? I feel like the answer is always no. There will always be something you want to change or adjust to continue making it feel like your own. In my case it was our shower frame that needed to be changed. We loved how the bathroom turned out but that gold just wasn’t working in there anymore. One dat my husband said why don’t you paint the shower frame so I stopped procrastinating and went to work the next day. Alas, the project is complete and here is how I did it.

Prep, prep, prep. You will hear every DIYer tell you that prep is key to a good DIY job. I spent what felt like days taping but once it came time to actually spray paint it made it worth it. I first started by placing tape along where the glass and gold frame meet and I overlapped it slightly because there is a piece of rubber that seals the glass in and it creates a tiny channel that you can run a sharp knife along it to get a clean cut. You’ll need to tape the entire frame on the inside and outside of your shower frame. After you have completed the taping then you neeed to cover the glass with plastic sheets and tape that down as well. As you spray paint the plastic will blow up from the air so it needs to be sealed all the way around. I created a small painting room by taping sheets of plastic t the ceiling and letting it hang down. Now this worked but I wish I had encompassed our bathroom windows in my plastic spray room to allow more ventilation.

Once you have completed taping and covering all floor surfaces it is time to spray paint. I highly recommend wearing a face mask for spray painting, epecially indoors. This is the one I use and have had for 9 years now and works fantastic. First use a car primer that is made for metal surfaces. You can purchase these in the spray paint aisle and it will specifically say for cars. I did 2 coats of car primer on all my metal surfaces. After that has dried you can use whatever spray paint color you like but make sure it is made for metal, as well. The color I went with was farmhouse black and apparently is quite popular because we had to go to multiple store to be able to get enough. I needed 4 cans of spray paint to cover both the inside and outside of my shower frame. 

Spray paint room
Not only is this an awesome respirator but it’s also super attractive !

After you’re done spraying you can peel off your tape. I like to peel at a 45* angle. Now inevitably you’ll probably have a few spots that spray paint got through your plastic and it is easy to clean off. Get some pure acetone, which can be purchased at Target, Walmart or any pharmacy and just put some on a cotton ball and wipe away whatever paint got onto your surface. And then your done ! 
Total this took about 2 days and only because I got sick of taping and wanted a break from that- 6 hours of taping for 15 min worth of spray painting but worth it!

What a difference a few hours of work and 20 minutes can do !

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