My Love of Travel

My Love of Travel

My love definitely started as kid. My mom was a SAHM and almost every weekend she was ready to take us out somewhere. She would check the newspaper for events happening or just look up parks near and far to take us to. We always had so much fun and the only thing I remember hating was having to take the interstate everywhere, haha. I would ask “ do we have to take the interstate to get there ? “ and like most moms who’s kid asks a question like this, she lied and said “no” and then, of course, we would take the interstate. I always loved being able to go anywhere on a whim and as a kid I didn’t care if the place ended up being a bust because there’s no such thing as that when you’re a kid. Everything seems new and exciting and you’re just along for the adventure.

When I got married we knew we wanted kids fairly soon and we both agreed that having kids wouldn’t stop us from traveling. When we had our first kid we would tell people we were traveling with them and they would always be in shock because the thought of traveling with kids just sounded like a nightmare to them.

All of our travels with the kids have been great, whether it has been with one or three. Now don’t get me wrong we’ve had our fair share of sheer terror on airplanes and meltdowns while sightseeing but it’s not any different than us being at home and being out and about.  Kids are kids and people are people. We all have meltdowns. Thank goodness the kids usually don’t last long. Once we get through them, we always go back to enjoying our day. I’m here to help you out along the way and get rid of that fear of traveling with your kids. Don’t look at it as a burden or a giant stress that you, your spouse or your kid can’t handle. Our kids love traveling so much, as soon as they get off the plane they’re asking when we will be back on one again. So, whether you want to drive a few hours away or take a plane ride across the ocean- You can do it! It’s fun and exciting and I love being able to make memories with my kids and I know you will too. So, follow along as I help you navigate traveling with kids or take away some ideas for your next trip alone or with some friends. No matter what your travel looks like I hope you can enjoy my blog! Also, throwing it way back to our first vacation together- 9 years ago on our honeymoon to Bonaire.

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