Pretty in Pink Princess

   For my daughters 3rd birthday my daughter wanted a princess party. What 3 yr old doesn’t ?! Thank you amazon because I ordered all the balloons and these adorable centerpieces(similar)that you pop out the skirt and head and then the head slides into the skirt piece. The skirt also comes with matching tulle that slides overtop and sits around the middle of the 3D princess. For the cupcake stand I bought some princess wrapping paper and wrapped 2 same size boxes and then displayed the cupcakes on them. A local bakery made those beautiful Cinderella slipper cookies, which by the way my kids have yet to eat these at any birthday party. It’s sugar iced on top of sugar ! The friends do and I do so they stay for now ! Anyways back to the rest of the fun.
For the take home goodies we did princess crowns, Crayola paint, temporary tattoos and wands.
This year we rented a bounce house for our backyard and it was entertainment for kids and adults ! We have a small backyard and this thing just barely fit in our 17′ deep backyard. I think there was about 12 inches of space to get by it but it was soooo much fun ! 7D1323E5-9D1D-4CB4-80DD-22D29A31FCE285F20DDF-1CC2-4365-B0B9-745FAB7F0529


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