I Love Birthdays !

So, I’ve decided I would do some posts on the birthday parties I’ve decorated for over the last 5 yrs. It’s been for my own kids but I’ve loved it so much ! I usually start a few months in advance just planning and buying things here and there so it isn’t this huge expense all at once. I love crafting and planning a party just adds a whole other level of fun and just satisfaction from something you have created.

The first party I did was a pinwheel party. I may have gone a little overboard considering it was for a 1 yr olds birthday but first kid…


I think the hardest part of any party is coming up with a color scheme and from there I just run with it ! I ordered our cake and cupcakes from a local bakery and then added fondant pinwheels I bought from etsy on top. So, I have a fun story about the fondant pinwheels. They were to be delivered the day before the party and we had a sub mailman that day. Well for whatever reason he didn’t deliver them and our regular mailman saw the package back at the office and that it wasn’t delivered so after his shift ended he personally drove to our house to have them delivered ! Best mailman ever !! Moral of the story…become friends with your mailman.  The cookies were done by a local bakery, as well. The gift tags for the drinks I made with my cricket and to prop up the candy and cake i just took some boxes and wrapped them in wrapping paper that matched my colors.  A fun tip…when I made the punch I didn’t want to water it down with ice so I bought some popsicle molds and filled them with water and freezed it and then threw them into the punch bowl. Cold punch but not water downed. Hope each of these posts give you some inspiration for your next party !


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