Dinosaur Party

My second cake I made was a Dinosaur cake. This one was by far the easiest cake I’ve made. I still used the same chocolate cake recipe and again made it into 2 layers. I then made chocolate cream cheese frosting and used that for in between the layers and for the outside. To make your cream cheese frosting into chocolate just simple add in your favorite unsweetened cocoa. I start off with say 1/4 cup and add more until I get enough of a chocolate flavor. And in my opinion there is no such thing as too much chocolate ! When you are decorating the cake don’t beat yourself up if you can get it perfectly smooth on the outside. I would spend forever smoothing over and over again and to be honest I like the little imperfections.  Every party all my friends are raving about how beautiful the cake looks and how delcious it tastes and to me that is satisfaction in itself. Only you realize the imperfections.
Next, I made a chocolate ganache by mixing 1 bag of chocolate chips and a few tablespoons of heavy cream. I pretty much wing this and add more heavy cream if it’s still too thick. To make the ganache pour a bag of your favorite chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl (I love enjoy life chocolate chips. by far the most chocolaty flavor and if you or anyone you know has any food allergies this is the brand to buy) and then add about 3 tablespoons of heavy cream into the bowl and heat for 30 seconds, stir and continue doing this until you get a nice smooth consistency. If your ganache is still a little thick and not falling smoothly off your whisk or fork add a little bit more heavy cream until you get the right consistency. I started off with a little ganache on the top od the  cake and spread it around and then I took a spoon and every few inches I would pour it down the side to give a drip effect on the cake.
Next take a bag of chocolate chip cookies and crumble them into chunks and spread over the entire top of the cake. To finish it off I took some of my sons toy dinosaurs and put them on top of the cake.
For the cupcakes I did chocolate cupcakes and made cream cheese frosting and colored it a dark green. I bought a container of 12 mini dinosaurs and placed them on each cake and then sprinkled chocolate sprinkles around them. Now if only every cake could be this easy to make.
Sources: Burlap
                Green Leaves on wall
                Wooden disc
                Metal Tray (similar)

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