Belle Cake

I’ve decided to start making my kids birthday cakes and my first one I did was a rose cake for my daughters Belle birthday.

2017-10-06 22.16.33-1


My first challenge was actually finding a good chocolate cake recipe. After spending entirely too long on pinterest looking for a recipe I finally found one ! I altered the recipe only by making it into 2 9 inch layers instead of 3 8 inch layers. This is the chocolate cake recipe I used. After making my 2 layers and letting them cool completely I made cream cheese frosting and colored it yellow and used that in between the layers and used the same cream cheese for the decorating. I first did a crumb coat and put it in the fridge for about 15ish minutes to set then I used a star tip and piped roses over the entire cake. When you do the roses make sure each rose overlaps the previous one by just a little bit. Overlapping each flower will prevent you from having gaps all over your cake. Since I was using cream cheese I had to periodically put my frosting in the fridge so that my flowers would keep their form and not become warm blobs of frosting. I also made cupcakes and did 1 large rose on each cupcake. I love the way they turned out. There’s just something special about having a homemade cake.

2017-10-06 21.37.34-1



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