I have a beautiful mini goldendoodle named maui that has a ridiculous amount of maintenance with his fur but we love him. Well I had been taking him every 5 or 6 weeks to get him groomed and the last time I took him they wanted to completely shave him because he had some spots that were matted (apparently not brushing as well as i should have been). The groomer also wanted me to bring him in every 3 weeks to be groomed !! are you kidding me ? I go to the hair salon maybe 2xs a year if I’m lucky. I’m definitely not doing that for my dog. So, being a DIYer i thought you know what I bet I could get out his mats and become his groomer. I love a good challenge. So, I went out and bought a dog hair clipper, special scissors, a dematting hook, cowboy magic conditioner and detangling spray and went to work. It took me 2 days and probably about 4 hrs worth of pulling and cutting but I managed to get them all out ! I then trimmed him with the clippers and gave him a  bath and he looks fantastic ! He now runs whenever he sees me grab the brush, haha. I now groom him every 3 or so weeks and trim him to about 3/4 of inch. That length makes him more manageble and a little less manitnenace. Even with all of the brushing and trimming I will 100% always have a goldendoodle. He seriously is the BEST dog we could ever ask for. He’s smart, learns quickly, never runs off, listens and is amazing with our kids. Here is our sweet Maui. I plan to give him a haircut this week, so you can see a little before and after

2018-07-25 23.37.51 (3).jpg

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